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It's self-evident for any democratic society that everybody should be able to walk freely in the streets. But sometimes it seems like we're only welcome as spectators and consumers in public space. If you're not pleased with the city and like to change it, there are no obvious rights; on the contrary, there is plenty of prohibition. Some people take the street – and the law – in their own hands. Their works are often called vandalism – but also street art. Who are these mystified people, and what do they want? In the film City Rights we follow a couple of active Swedish street artists on adventure. They tell about their works and aims, and about their view on public space. It becomes apparent that street artists often are citizens who take an active interest in and have a razor-sharp analysis of society. They believe they take responsibility for our common grounds, instead of harming it. If you listen to the street artists, the rights to the city is highly diminished, and is more about traditions, money and power than about democracy.

Apart from Swedish street artists, we meet with doctors of art and city planning, and representatives of the community and the advertising business.


Director's comment

I'm convinced that a democractic society needs active and involved citizens. But when people go outside of the frame or protest, they become a problem. It's as though democracy for many of those in power only is about the right vote every four years. "We're only implementing what we promised before the election", I think the minister of employment expressed it when people complained about the politics. But actually it's often been the protests, when people have refused rules they don't agree with, that have deepened and brought democracy forward. With this film I want to explore a subject where people go outside of the frame and become a thorn in the side of the decisionmakers. Sometimes they are appreciated, but often they are chased. The sole concept of "street art" is so controversial, some politicians disregard the existence of the word. But you get millions of hits on Google.

Kolbjörn Guwallius

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