About me

I am an author, freelance journalist/editor, photographer and lecturer in Malmö, Sweden.

I am a member of the Swedish Union of Journalists, the Association for Investigative Journalism in Sweden, Swedish Writers’ Union and Swedish Publicists’ Association.

I am available for journalistic assignments in Skåne/Scania, Sweden and Sjælland/Zealand, Denmark – also known as the Öresund Region and Greater Copenhagen. The area includes cities like Malmö, Lund, Helsingborg, Ystad, Kristianstad, København/Copenhagen, Elsinore/Helsingør and Roskilde. I can write in Swedish and English and I am available for feature work as well as live reporting with audio/video when desired.

As an author, I have so far received five scholarships.

I have written five books in Swedish

Kloaksajterna – “The Sewer Sites” (2019) – my debut novel! A dark comedy centering around people who run websites supportive of the right wing party Sverigedemokraterna (“The Sweden Democrats”). Verbal förlag.

Ordningsvakter – “Public Order Officers” (2017) – an examination of the unique Swedish system of privately employed semi-police officers that guard the public order in increasing numbers. Verbal förlag.

Grip till varje pris“Catch At Any Cost” (2014) and Förneka till varje pris “Deny At Any Cost” (2014) – I reveal the true story of a security company that breaks laws and regulations in many ways in the hunt for graffiti vandals in Stockholm’s public transport. Verbal förlag.

Sätta färg på staden – “Colouring the City” (2010) – A book about street art and graffiti. Dokument Press.

I have also participated in three anthologies and made two documentary films.

I was the editor for Joakim Medin’s non-fiction book Thailandssvenskarna – ”The Thailand Swedes” (2019). Further books that I am editing are in production.

I have been taking photos and filming ever since I was about five years old, and I early worked with both television and radio. I have also been working as a graphic designer and cinema projectionist.

Born in 1977 in Umeå in the north of Sweden, I live in Malmö at the southwest corner of the country since 1997.

There is no English version of this website. You are welcome to browse the site in Swedish and contact me with any questions you might have:

E-mail kontakt@kolbjorn.se
Phone +46 73-310 48 30